Let's Chat


Chat now, Match Later is Asian Love Birds Philosophy. Unlike most dating apps, you don’t need to wait to be liked back to start a conversation with the person that you have  liked.

We believe that someone has to make the first move and break the ice, so let that be you! 

Introducing one’s self is a crucial part to building a relationship, so we have some suggestions that will help everyone to properly introduce yourself

  • Be polite

  • Show interest in them, try to find out about them and their likes and dislikes

  • Don't be demanding

  • Honesty is always the best policy, if they don't like the truth about you then  they are not for you.

  • Don't make false promises

Guys Listen we cannot permit and let any form of

offensive, derogatory, racist words in our

chat. The other party has every right to ignore or block you.

If you continue to breach these simple rules you will

find you account blocked... sorry but lets treat

each other with respect and dignity.