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Christmas and New Year just passed, now we’re here, the day singles detest the most; Valentine’s Day. After all the holidays that just passed, your now once again stuck to dealing with your singleness. Worse, you’re dateless on the day where all your friends suddenly seem to be so “high” on love. And now, you think all you can do is roll your eyes while you binge a tub of ice cream, slightly sobbing. This is not a good idea. Cheer up, Valentine’s Day is not as bad as you think it is; it’s a time for you to get out and start mingling again. Start dating on Valentine’s Day! Here are 4 ways to start dating on Valentine’s day.

Try Online Dating

In a time when people can’t live without their phones and laptops, the world wide web is just a few clicks away. Some people think that online dating, most especially on the day that the whole world considers as a day of love, is such a faux pas and no one else would be doing it, but maybe it’s time to reconsider.

Times Magazine reported that digital courtship sites are at their busiest on Valentine’s Day; 150% increase in user activity! So how is this news good for you? Well, the more people online looking for love, the more chances of you scoring for one. Modern times demand modern solutions, right? And with the internet, you could just possibly find your life partner who’s from across the world. With that, Asian Love Birds, could just be the perfect app for you. Asians are just as wonderful as all the other girls you know. Now, we’ll save that for a different article.

With Asian Love Birds, your safety is a priority. So, no need to worry about swiping right for you dream partner through the app. We make sure that everyone that is engaged in the application, is thoroughly sifted through. You can easily download the app in the Google Play Store.

Join Speed Dating Activities

In some cases, during Valentine’s Day, groups from all over the world organize Speed Dating Events in their own locality. So, what is Speed Dating? Speed Dating is a matchmaking process that is being done with a large group of people, intending to meet as much people as you can in a short number of time. You join a session where you can form an impression of your potential date and to consider whether or not you would like to meet them again.

There are all kinds of stories from people who experienced Speed Dating. Some say it’s stressful and awkward and tend to trigger anxious feelings. But in another hand, a lot of people say that it is definitely a great way to meet your potential future love. You get to meet face to face, you are not pressured to stay with a specific individual (most especially with someone you don’t like), and you get to meet lots and lots of people.

Try browsing through the social media sites to find out where are these events going to pop up in your locality.

Date A Friend

Lastly, ask a friend out. We all have a friend that we have been crushing on for such a long time now. With Valentine’s Day coming up, asking that friend would not be such a bad idea. Being friends assures that you have something in common. It might be sports or your love for movies, it’s the perfect ground to start on. With this, it is much easier to communicate since it’s not your first time seeing them eye to eye. You can also be more honest with you date, making you act more of yourself instead of watching ever action you make.

Though there is a possibility of this date not ending so well, leading to a probability that your friendship might end. It’s it is good to test the waters first before going to anything more exclusive. Accept that your relationship now is more complicated and might need a few adjustments. But asking them out, that’s the first step.

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