Top Ten Reasons for Dating an Asian!

Curious what it is like to date an Asian? Let me explain why it is perfect for you. Here are TEN reasons why Western men love Asian ladies. There are far more reasons to do so, but here are the best ones.

1) Their looks.Asian ladies take great pride in their looks and their natural beauty, their seductive eyes, and flawless skin. Many say this is their best feature, but hey it’s better if you see it for yourself and decide, right?

2) Their physique.Not only do these ladies look amazing but their bodies are amazing as well, whether they are petite, tall, voluptuous or slender. Don’t just take my word for it the world agrees, both Miss Universe and Miss Intercontinental are Asian Beauties.

3) They are well-educated. We all know the importance of a good education, in Asia; this is seen as a basic requirement. Asians place a lot of importance on education thus, no matter what they encounter in their lives, they will still put education as a priority. It comes as no surprise that Asian ladies are successful in their chosen paths and careers.

4) They age gracefully.Thanks to their genes, they never seem to age. They always appear to be 10 to 20 years younger than they actually are! This always makes it hard to guess their age. This will have your friends and colleagues envious with you having a younger partner (or not).

5) They are well-mannered. Due to their cultured upbringing, they have been taught since a young age to have good manners and etiquette. The ladies are also molded into being good wives and mothers, putting the man and their children first.

6) They love to look good.Unlike many Western women, Asian ladies love to dress up and look amazing, they are fashion conscious without breaking the bank for the big expensive labels and are in fact even the ones setting fashion trends worldwide.

7) They are physically uninhibited.Asian ladies are great lovers! They are sweet and tender towards their partner and are not afraid to show this love in the bedroom. They may seem soft and sweet outside but once you get them under the sheets, they could be really wild. Do I need to say more? I think not.

8) They love to cook. It is often said that “The way to man’s heart is through his stomach”, right? Well, let me assure you that while Asian ladies are conscious of what they eat, they also know how to cook and woo any man. They are ingenious, able to create sumptuous meals even with the most basic ingredients.

9) They are family-oriented. One major characteristic of Asian culture is that they are family-oriented, thus it is expected that Asian ladies would put a big importance on family. They will love to bring you to meet their partners and their extended family. This will give you an amazing opportunity to get to know your partner better, to see the rich and colorful culture of Asia and to enjoy travelling with the guidance of your beautiful partner.

10) They love commitment. Unlike ladies from many other countries, Asian ladies aren’t afraid and even love the idea of commitment. It is very much part of their culture and tradition that when they get married, it is for a lifetime. They will work hard to ensure that their husbands remains happy in the marriage and they fully understand you are their lifetime companion, for better or for worse.

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