Why I am dating an Asian Lady..

I am an American and have been married, divorced a couple of years now, I am now in my 40’s, closer to my 50’s. I thought I would share my experiences with dating an Asian lady. Yes! I met her through Asian Love Birds, and yes it really does work.

Let’s compare my experience of dating a western lady, an American lady, it is my experience, it does not cover all ladies, OK. First when it comes to arranging a date, you want something different or something special, western women have their views and they want to take charge and make the arrangements, normally an expensive restaurant, usually of a style they like, not necessarily something you like, yes I know a relationship is about compromise, but to start like this is not a good sign, compare this with an Asian lady, when I travelled to her home, she asked me what food I liked, she asked me how formal I wanted it to be and then she gave me the choices…. Wow what a way to start…

When you meet an Asian lady for a date she is dressed in what can only be described as WOW!!!, they are normally petit, immaculately turned out, wonderful summer dress, showing just the right amount of skin, such amazing skin, maybe she has put on some makeup, not much just enough to highlight her amazing brown eyes and full lips. She will be happy if you wear shorts and a T shirt or a full suite, she will not complain if you have not shaved that day, she will be happy to be in your company. Now a western lady, clothes from the last season and refused to admit they have shrunk… Yeah right, more makeup than most shops carry, she will either be showing so much flesh that the clothes are just decorations or no skin will be seen at all… She will expect you to be George Clooney in a designer suite, anything less and you will get that look… we all know the look…

During dinner the conversation with the western lady will be all about her, and how she is so special and you are so lucky, then she might turn to how everybody picks on her and does not understand her, but you might be permitted to tell her your name and your job, if you are lucky. Now back to my Asian date, she will want to know all about you and your family, she will happily tell you all about her and her family and what they are doing, but she will keep bringing the conversation back to you, she really does want to get to know you.

After Dinner the Asian lady will ask you want you want to do, would you like to go somewhere for a drink, would you like to say good night, she will be walking with her arm locked around yours as she is really interested in you and wants you to know this, if you decided to walk her home or to get a taxi, she is happy, as you get to the taxi you open the door for her, not because you have to but because you want to treat this amazing person like the princess she is. While you wish her a good night you will feel; that you now know what it means to have an enjoyable evening with a beautiful lady. By the time you get to your taxi she will have messaged you “thank you” and tell you she wants to see you again. Now our western lady, she will decide while you are paying the bill at her favorite expensive restaurant that you should go dancing and meet up with her friends, who she just knows you will love.. honestly, she knows best, so you go along and meet 2 other girls that you just have zero in common with, you play along in the hope of some fun later. Later she makes that all important move and you feel her vodka anesthetized tongue inside you poor mouth, you are rushing to get this over with before it is followed up with the meal on its way back out. You help carry her to a taxi, she asked you to come back, but you realize this is just not for you.

So now the choice… who can I take to the company Christmas party, this is my test, if after a first date I feel that “not a hope”, then we know its all down hill from there, but if you feel “wow, she will make me feel proud….” You have a winner… Hence why I am dating an Asian lady… well done, Asian ladies are still true ladies…

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